Condo Owners (specially seniors

Resolution and issues from Condo owners specially Seniors

From Jayne:
Propose that as part of the licensing of Condominium Managers & Providers that when there is dispute resolution and issues from Condo Owners (specifically seniors), that there be a process to protect these people to have their disputes with the Managers dealt with so that they feel comfortable to report on them. That these licensed managers who bully would be held accountable for their actions.

We understand that there is a process for dispute resolution, however we want a collaboration and investigation process in place for Property Managers who are licensed and are doing Condo Bullying. A system in place to remove licensed property managers who bully.

The Condo Owner’s name would be given a number to which there could be a non-compliance raised to the Property Management Company and Its Property Manager so that the seniors feel comfortable to report.

Investigation then can be done on the non-compliance with a corrective action process in place, reviewing the root cause of the issue. With Condo Bullying, the complaints against a Manager can then be tracked so that the licensing to that individual will be monitored. If there is on-going issues, the license of the individual would need to be charged or withdrawn (a system would need to be set up tied with actions required).

Accountability of actions taken by Property Managers on seniors needs to be in place as more and more seniors move to condo living. Most seniors are afraid to speak up as they can’t just pick up and move when a problem exists, and loss of monies tied with mediation or fines.

Please provide your input into proposed legislation. Your input is needed by February 6. Here is the link:

Thank you and have a great day!

Atif M. Siddiqui | Program Assistant, Peel Elder Abuse Prevention Network
(905.450.1608, Ext. 161 7905.450.8902 *