imageHistory of The Mississauga Seniors Counci

1. For many years Bernard Jordaan mulled over the idea of the formation of a representative organization to speak on behalf of Seniors in Mississauga.

Having noted the success of the Brampton Senior Council, he was more than motivated to establish a similar group in Mississauga.
Discussions were held with Wendy Murdoch at Mississauga Seniors Centre / Cawthra and also with Sue Hesjedhal, former manager, at the Square One Older Adults, in 2009.

2. October 27, 2009, we held our first Seminar, with twenty senior clubs sending presidents and representatives to a very successful event, held at Meadowvale Community Centre.
At this meeting, it was decided to hold another seminar, of senior representatives, in May 2010.

This, successful event in May 2010, was held again at Meadowvale Community Centre.

The next Seminar was held October 21, 2010 at South Common Community Centre, with 75 senior club representatives werepresent.

3. We then arranged to have a Club Presidents meeting for January 12, 2011. Due to inclement weather we only had, 10 Presidents attend a breakfast meeting held at Meadowvale Community Centre.
A breakfast meeting, of club Presidents was then scheduled for March 23, 2011, which was attended by only four reps, Bob Harrick, Frank Sterndardo, Bernard Jordaan and Lois Jordaan.
On this day we had the worst snow storm of the season, hence the very low turnout. This meeting was also held at Meadowvale Community Centre.

4. May 8, 2011 is the birth date of our organization. A meeting of all senior club reps was held on this date at Huron Park Community Centre.
We elected an executive and the name of Mississauga Seniors Council,was subsequently chosen.
Bernard Jordaan, chair, Al Ridley, vice chair, Naheed Kauser secretary, Cynthia Houstan, treasurer, Lois Jordaan publicity, Chris Carlton,

5. Bob Harrick and Frank Stendardo, fund raising, were the officials elected at this inaugural meeting.
The following year was taken up entirely working on the By Laws and Constitution with City Rep Jane Culbert assisting us.
The By-Laws and Constitution was approved at a meeting in November 13, 2012.

Regular monthly Council executive meetings are held.

Following Jane’s exit from Mississauga, Heather Coupey was our Liaison officer, followed by Lorena Smith to date ( November 2014)